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Janeane .James Best .Chris Kattan .Sophia .Leo . Synopsis : The abolitionist revolution is afoot in America. Rebels are striking out against the institution of slavery and the complacent slaveholders. In the Mississippi backwoods, runaways are being hunted down and delivered to the worst human abattoir on earth - a plantation owned by a Southern hell-bent on extracting his sexual gratification from his slaves. An escaped slave and his pregnant wife desperately seek help from a German bounty hunter to get them out of the South and into freedom, but will the bounty hunter's services be worth the price of his life?Echocardiographic and hemodynamic assessment of single-ventricle physiology: comparison of early and advanced hemodynamic techniques. Surgical palliation and bridge to transplantation are available for single ventricle physiology, but existing echocardiographic methods are of limited utility and require invasive hemodynamic assessment. Early and advanced echocardiographic techniques may be more effective. The authors sought to determine whether echo-derived values are accurate indicators of the invasive hemodynamic status of infants with single ventricle physiology and to identify features that predict advanced hemodynamic derangements. Echocardiography was performed in 27 patients with single ventricle physiology (median age, 3 months; range, 0.4-42 months). Echo indices and invasive hemodynamic data were analyzed by linear regression. Twelve patients had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and 15 had a combination of aortic atresia and hypoplastic left heart. Eight patients underwent bridge to transplantation; 15, palliation; and 5, palliation with hemodynamic assistance. In 10 patients, the left ventricular outflow tract and pulmonary artery diameters were measured by echo and later compared to angiographic measurements. There were close correlations between the pressure-flow loop and the other echo measurements of left ventricular ejection fraction and cardiac index, although there was a systematic overestimation of the former index (average, 0.8 L/min/m2) and underestimation of the latter (average, 2.4 L/min/m2) (P




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Django Unchained Hindi Dubbed Torrent hillars
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