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Guaranteed Analysis: 

Total Nitrogen ....................... 14%

Hydrolyzed Amino Acids......80%

Derived from hydrolyzed Soy 

Product Feature A

To be used as a foliar spray. Acts as a biostimulant to increase nutrient uptake and treats any nitrogen deficiencies.


What is it?

Elite Nitro 14-0-0 is an organic foliar fertilizer containing hydrolyzed proteins from plant-based sources. The source of Nitrogen is from amino acids and not salts, THe amino acids in the products are readily absorbed by the crops.


Where to use?

Cereals, Pulses, Legumes, and most farm crops.


When to use?

Cereals: 7-8 leaf stage and Flag leaf

Legumes: 8—10 leaf stage and 20% flowering


2—3 lbs per acre with 7—10 gpa of water

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