About Cropland

Extensive scientific research and data validations from third party institutions across several provinces and countries.Reproducible results and scientific know-how of the mechanism of action.Guaranteed active ingredients that envy our competitors.Provide a comprehensive plan to boost your yield and improve soil quality.Commitment from our manufacturers to deliver the products of highest quality.Ongoing research and development.

Our Company

Cropland Solutions is revolutionizing the agriculture industry with increased yields, boosting soil quality and managing plant stress at the cellular levels. Our products are becoming valuable tools in creating a sustainable agriculture industry.

Our Promise

We promise not to sell you any product that will not meet your farm needs. We will do our best to promote only salt free, residue free products. Our recommendation of product use and coverage will be based on each farms requirements. We will promote only products that have independent trial and test results. 

Farm plan logo.png

Need a FARM PLAN that's customized for your situation. Please do not hesitate to ask our field representatives. We have a team of scientists that will work with you to formulate the plan that most suitable for you. The FARM PLAN is always built for optimum yield and input savings.

Environment & Sustainability

All our products are Zero Salt based and will not leave a residue in your soil. This is the reason why we are able to make the claim that our products will help you preserve the ground for the next generation. Our manufacturing process are environmentally safe and promotes the sustainability of the only earth we have.