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At Cropland Solutions, we are a Canadian company dedicated to empowering farmers through our expertise in regenerative agriculture, organic farming, and sustainable practices. We specialize in providing high-quality nitrogen fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and organic fertilizer solutions that are tailored to optimize crop yields while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Our commitment to promoting regenerative practices and supporting organic farming reflects our mission to contribute positively to the agricultural landscape. Join us in cultivating a greener future for farming with Cropland Solutions.



CROPLAND SOLUTIONS | Revolutionizing Farming with Regenerative Fertilizers

At Cropland Solutions, we are dedicated to revolutionizing farming through our commitment to regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices. Our range of nitrogen fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and organic fertilizer products is designed to support sustainable farming methods while optimizing crop health and yields. With a focus on environmentally-friendly solutions, we strive to empower farmers to adopt regenerative practices that benefit both their land and the planet. Choose Cropland Solutions for innovative and effective solutions in regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming.



Regenerative Agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that aims to restore and improve the health of the soil, water, and ecosystems. It emphasizes practices such as minimal tillage, cover cropping, crop rotation, and the use of organic and natural fertilizers like nitrogen fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and organic fertilizer. These practices not only promote soil fertility and biodiversity but also contribute to sustainable farming by reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals and enhancing the overall resilience of agricultural systems. Regenerative Agriculture goes beyond organic farming by actively rebuilding soil health and ecosystem functions, making it a key strategy for promoting sustainable food production and environmental stewardship.


Mathew Kandathil CEO of Cropland Solutions

Mathew Kandathil (President & CEO)


As the President & CEO of Cropland Solutions, Mathew Kandathil brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the helm. With a B.Comm., CFP, CIM, and FMA under his belt, Mathew's educational prowess is matched only by his 20 years in the Banking and Financial services industry. A proven serial entrepreneur, Mathew's career is marked by a trail of successes. His forte lies in strategic business planning and analysis, positioning him as a visionary leader adept at navigating complex landscapes with strategic foresight.

Dr.Karthi Narayanan Technical Director and Co founder of Cropland Solutions

Dr. Karthi Narayanan (Technical Director & Co-founder)

Ph.D (App. Microbiology)

Dr. Karthi, the esteemed Technical Director & Co-founder of Cropland Solutions, holds a Ph.D. in Applied Microbiology, a testament to his extensive educational background. With 8 years dedicated to empowering farmers in augmenting input efficiency and a commendable 12+ years immersed in business and product development, Dr. Karthi is a driving force within the agricultural sphere. His notable achievements include the establishment of pioneering organic crop input products and the development of solutions that notably boost crop efficiency. Renowned for his profound understanding of crops, soil, and their intricate biological interactions, Dr. Karthi stands as a visionary in the field, shaping the landscape of agricultural innovation at Cropland Solutions.

Kelly Innocent Cropland Solutions Operations Manager

Kelly Innocent

Kelly Innocent serves as the Operations Manager at Cropland Solutions, where his leadership and exceptional organizational prowess are instrumental in maintaining a well-structured and efficient warehouse operation. With a keen eye for detail, Kelly ensures that inventory is managed seamlessly, orders are dispatched promptly, and our products are in top-notch condition. His dedication to optimizing our supply chain processes plays a vital role in delivering top-quality solutions to our clients.

Hana Ibrahim The Lab director at Cropland Analytics

Hana Ibrahim M.Sc, B.Sc


The Lab Director at Cropland Analytics. Hanaa is a Chemist (BSc.) and an Environmentalist (MSc.). She has more than 13 years of experience in medical and scientific advanced research, 5 years of teaching experience in Microbiology and Chemistry laboratories, 6 years of experience in senior administration in one of the top ranking American Universities along with several scientific publications and papers. She combines an extensive scientific knowledge and a broad research experience in chemical, physical, biological and environmental laboratories in addition to lab management expertise.

Kelly Poliakiski is the office administrator at Cropland Solutions

Kelly Poliakiwski


Kelly Poliakiwski is our dedicated Office Administrator at Cropland Solutions. With her keen organizational skills and a knack for streamlining office operations, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring our day-to-day activities run smoothly. Kelly's commitment to efficiency and her friendly demeanor make her an indispensable part of our team, providing essential support to keep our office running like a well-oiled machine.

Brigesh Desai, Agriculture lab assistant at cropland Analytics

Brijesh Desai 


Working as an Agriculture Lab Assistant at Cropland Analytics. Brijesh holds a BSc. in Horticulture and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business Management and Food Processing; highly skilled in conducting laboratory tests, analyzing data, and assisting in research projects related to crop cultivation; Proficient in implementing quality control measures, maintaining lab equipment, and ensuring adherence to safety protocols.  Committed to contributing to the advancement of agricultural practices and improving quality of soil and plant health.

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